Where to Find the Best Online Gaming Sports News in Vietnam

Having the best online gaming sports news in Vietnam is crucial for those who enjoy playing games such as Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, and Arena of Valor. It’s also crucial to stay on top of the latest news so that you don’t miss anything important. Here are some of the best places to find these types of news:

8X Sports News

8X is one of the most popular casino trực tuyến websites in Vietnam. It offers comprehensive coverage of major sports events in Vietnam and abroad. It also features live scores, videos, articles, betting games and a discussion forum. is updated twenty-four hours a day. has an active community of sports enthusiasts.offers articles about local and international sports, as well as news on the national Vietnamese football team.

YouSport is a popular Vietnamese sports website that provides news, scores, videos, live reporting and predictions on various sports events. It has a calendar of events and sports teams and provides live reporting for many football matches. also has a mobile application and an iPhone app. It is updated all day long and is available in English and Vietnamese. You can also play the site’s prediction games to win prizes. You can also book tickets through the website.


Among the many sports news sites in Vietnam, YeuTheThao is a leading sports news website that provides live coverage of national football events, international sports, martial arts, basketball, and more. It has a wide video library and a mobile app, as well as a forum for sports enthusiasts.

YeuTheThao is a sports news website that has been around for a long time, and its website is continually updated with sports news. It also provides sports prediction games, articles, and videos on different sports. You can participate in online sports prediction games, make predictions, and win prizes. It also provides live scores and betting games.

8X Sports News

Until recently, Vietnam did not allow online casino trực tuyến, but the government has taken notice. Lawmakers believe that the country will soon embrace gambling. They believe that allowing the industry to flourish will create tax revenue for the government and provide consumers with a safe and reliable online gambling experience.

One website that offers a comprehensive list of games and sports is YouSport. It is an online sports magazine that covers all major sports. It also has an active community and provides live reporting on major sporting events.

Another website that has an interesting name is EU9, which started as a Singapore-based online casino. It is a reputable site and provides a good experience for its players.

Arena of Valor

Whether you are new to esports or a veteran, you’ll be familiar with Arena of Valor. This multiplayer online battle arena is based on the Chinese MOBA game Honor of Kings. The game is a fun and accessible game with low spec requirements. It has 10 different modes to play.

Despite a poor performance in the first year of the game, it seems that Arena of Valor is on the way to becoming a big player in the international esports scene. Arena of Valor has two big international tournaments: the International Championship and the Star League. The Star League is a competition between teams from Southeast Asia. It takes place in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a free to play battle royale game that is based on PUBG: Battlegrounds. Players compete in teams of four, with each team trying to earn the most kills. The match lasts about 30 minutes. This game has become increasingly popular in China and Southeast Asia.

PUBG Mobile is currently available for Android and iOS devices. The game is produced by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games. It was released on March 19, 2018. It is a free-to-play version of the popular game.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) season 4 ended yesterday. The event included 16 teams from Southeast Asia and Singapore. The teams competed in a total of 18 games, with each team winning points that determined their placement.

Dota 2

Despite being one of the most popular online gaming sports, Dota 2 is still not recognized as a medal sport at the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games). However, the Olympic Council of Asia announced eight esports games for the 19th Asian Games in 2022.

This includes a competition for Southeast Asian talents, ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2019. Vietnam’s team is considered to be one of the strongest League of Legends teams in the region. However, the distance between Vietnam and other Asian regions makes it difficult for players to compete.

The G-League returns with qualifying tournaments for both Western and Eastern teams. The winners of these tournaments will face the top Chinese teams for a $1500 cash prize.




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