socialite selfie stick tripod

As you can see, the world of the selfie stick is much broader than you could imagine and there is an incredible variety of models. In addition, this object is much more useful than you may think at first, both for group photos and landscapes; even artistic photos, and, of course, to take selfies.

To choose the best selfie stick, you must take into account several criteria such as the use you want to give it, as well as the type of shot, the manufacturing material, the design, the dimensions, and the weight, among others. We have seen different types of the selfie sticks, such as the connection system and different accessories whether or not they can be transformed into a socialite selfie stick tripod with mini ring lights become popular among these.

What Is A Selfie Stick?

The selfie stick is an extender (or monopod) that provides the option to unfold so you can take photos from a distance greater than arm’s length allows. At one of its ends, it has a support to place the cell phone or a camera, and at the other end, a handle to hold the stick firmly without it slipping. The manufacturing materials are usually aluminum, copper, plastic, and rubber. Depending on the type of model, these may include a tripod, remote control, and charger, among others.

What Can A Selfie Stick Be Used For?

Despite being an artifact quite hated by some, the truth is that it can be quite useful. This object offers us a greater possibility of angles to take pictures, it also increases the field of vision. It allows us to make the photo more natural by not showing the arms in the frame and by offering a greater distance between the camera and the face.

Also, when we are on vacation, we can take a picture without having to press our cell phones. Another thing for which it is also useful is for those family photos in which someone is always missing to take the photo. With the selfie stick, we can always be the protagonists.

What Types Of Selfie Sticks Are There On The Market?

There are several models of selfie sticks. As for the type of shot, they are classified into four main categories: simple, that is, it is only the arm without any other complement or load; some use the headphone jack as a trigger; they exist with integrated triggers and; finally, those with remote control. In this table, we present their differences.

How To Use A Selfie Stick?

First, to assemble the phone, you have to screw it into the holder in a clockwise direction or, if it uses the clamp system, simply insert your cell phone into the holder and grab it with the clamp. Make sure to adjust the size of the holder according to the size of your phone. In this way, we will not run the risk of it falling.

To pair your phone with the stick, activate the Bluetooth function on your device and select the selfie stick, it’s done the same way you pair two phones, very simple! Nope? If it does not have a Bluetooth system, simply connect your cell phone to the cable that the stick has. If it doesn’t have a cable either, you’ll just have to activate the timer and wait for it to fire. 

If you want to give your selfie stick a bit of personality, do some exploring. There are a lot of brands that offer models in various colors and designs, choose the one you like the most! Especially, if from now on this is going to be your inseparable companion, not only when traveling, but also when walking and during your free time.



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