Types of catering services

Types of catering services

Catering refers to the services of providing food to a considerate number of audiences in an event or a gathering. And with the increasing number of events we see a dire need of food catering Dubai who can tend to our needs and make sure that the guests are entertained with food. Every catering company in Dubai is unique in its own way providing different kinds of catering services listed below:

  • Wedding catering

As suggested by its name, wedding catering refers to the meal served to the families of bride and groom on their special day in form of an array of dishes and scrumptious meals which will fulfil the appetite of guests and enhance the fun of the day. Some prefer buffet while others consider served tables, which ever you choose, make sure that the meal is tasty.

  • Corporate catering

As suggested above, the trend of events have been tremendously increasing not only in social gathering but also in offices. Corporate events are being arranged to bring together clients and staff, to build connections and revive grand gestures. Quality catering services will make sure that it adheres to the guests and serves them nothing but the best to the esteemed cliental.

  • Cocktail catering

Cocktail events are highly enjoyed by everyone and these events are all about reconnecting and munching on finger licking food while the focus remains on refreshing beautiful drinks and cocktails. For cocktail catering, one must have experience and good taste in drinks to make sure that what they are serving is liked by everyone.

  • Buffet catering

This is another very common type of catering which provides food to audience in abundance where guests serve themselves. The meal is supposed to have a wide variety of dishes and freedom of food for guests to eat. The main idea of a buffet is to have a never ending course of meal which people can keep munching on in a specific time period.

  • Served catering

This is the complete opposite of buffet catering where guests are requested to take their seats while the servers make sure that their prestigious attendees are catered as per their choice. This gives a more pleasing ambiance and less chaotic look but is also more expensive than buffet because of the services that staff puts in.



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