On What Factors Should You Pay Attention To When Buying A Mosque Carpet?

Mosque Carpet in Dubai

Are you looking to purchase attractive mosque carpets? Then you don’t need to go anywhere. On this site, you will know what to pay attention to when buying a mosque carpet. You will also learn about the colors and designs of your search. With this help, you can easily find the answer to your question.

Mosques are the holy places for Muslims where they worship and offer their prayers five times daily. Because mosques are sacred places so these places should be clean and charming. Carpets cover the mosque floor so people can easily offer their prayers and remain calm in their offerings. Mosques welcome their people, and the place must be clean and hygienic. 

Some Points That You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Mosque Carpets

The first thing that is necessary for hygiene is the mosque floor. Because the floor is the main thing that should be cleaned and hygienic. For this purpose, the floor should be covered to avoid dust. For a hygienic floor, carpets are placed on the floor. Carpets can keep the floor neat and clean. Some factors to consider while buying these carpets are:

Mosque Carpet Design and Color

The first point to keep in mind before buying mosque carpets is to choose the design and color of it. The first point to keep in mind before purchasing mosque carpets is to select the design and color of it. 

Mosque carpets can be selected among many choices depending on the interior decoration of the mosque. If the mosque interior is not specious, then the light color carpets should be used to create a bright atmosphere.

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Light-colored mosque carpets are risky to attract dust easily. For this reason, many people don’t buy these types of carpets. They avoid purchasing light-colored carpets for the dust risk. But this kind of mosque carpet is suitable for small mosques where a small number of people come to offer their prayers. On the other hand,  dark-colored carpets are not required to wash often. They can be washed after long days pass compared to the light-colored mosque carpets.

Mosque carpets differ not only because of their colors but also their patterns. Here are two types of practices discussed below:

Lined Patterned Mosque Carpets

Lined mosque carpets have lines on them because the people can determine where to stand for their prayers. They can help people to offer their prayers neatly. If the people stand on these lines, then many people can include in the prayer time, and the place of the floor can be increased.

Round Patterned Mosque Carpets

The other type of mosque carpet is rounded carpet. These rounded carpets are named because of their design on them. The design crafted on this carpet is in a rounded shape. This kind of carpet is unique in its design. These carpets are famous for their designs and are used in prominent place of mosques to make the place more beautiful. Rounded mosque carpets are more expensive as compared to lined mosque carpets.

Prices of Mosque Carpets

Prices of mosque carpets are different from each other. The price depends on the quality of the carpets. The premium quality mosques’ carpets are more expensive than the low-quality carpets. Quality depends upon the carpets’ life, durability against washing, and fabrics. These are the elements due to which prices can be different. 

Carpet models can also affect the prices of the mosque carpet. Lined mosque carpets, solid mosque carpets, and rounded mosque carpets differ in price because of their designs and fabrics. Rounded pattern carpets are more expensive than the other two because large-place mosques highly demand rounded pattern carpets.


All the points are discussed in this article. So if you purchase the mosque carpets, then you should select the best one of your choice because mosques are the worship places where Muslims offer their prayers and come to seek calm and comfort. So the selection of the carpet should be related to them. For this reason, the carpets should be selected according to the abovementioned points.



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