How to Dress in Your 30s with Personality Key Points

How to dress in the 30S

The 30s were the golden decade for many. It is the perfect middle ground between the unconsciousness of the 20s and the proclaimed crisis of the 40s. You still allow yourself the luxury of throwing a little bit in the air alleging that you are still young, but you are inevitably taking a step toward maturity. You are more independent than ever in every way and that duality between the freedom of youth and the solvency of experience keeps you in a comfortable carefree limbo. Needs have changed and your clothes should too.

Find Your Style

Being 30 is not the same as being 39. As we said, this decade in which you shed your youthful unconsciousness and approach calm maturity must also be reflected in your wardrobe, although not in a radical way. Landing in your thirties doesn’t mean ditching sweats and sneakers all of a sudden and slipping into a suit for life. In this decade it is important to gradually get rid of the Peter Pan spirit as you turn years, but without losing freshness. You are no longer a teenager, but you are not a grandfather either. How to get the perfect middle ground? How to dress in the 30S

Pay attention to the following key points:

Elevate Your Style

You may have heard this expression on more than one occasion but you don’t know where to start. What we want to achieve is that the final aspect of the look is more polished. Let the experience you have acquired during your twenties be noticed. How is it achieved? Putting the focus on certain strengths.

First of all, it is time to start building your wardrobe of basics, both in terms of garments and colors – neutrals will do for everything: white shirts, knitted sweaters, chino khaki, jeans without so many tears and washes, and a good pair of shoes. … And maybe it’s time to replace that faded XXL sweatshirt with a gray one in your size. It is not about eliminating all your wardrobe from the past, but about improving it and maturing it. Also, your needs will change. Over time you will realize that you have become more practical and that, although you hope to look good, you do not want to rack your brain too much thinking about what to wear every morning. The question that is multiplied is if you are also a father throughout this decade. You need practicality within reach of a quick look at your wardrobe, and that can only be given by a good list of basics that combine without thinking about it.

Fixing Clothes Should Be Your Motto

Here is another differentiating point. At first glance, fixing the clothes may sound like a hassle, we all would like everything we buy to stick to us, but sometimes you have to give it a final touch so that the result is perfect. Ready-to-wear has democratized fashion, yes, but all those pieces you see in stores are created on a standard basis that does not fit perfectly with the diversity of bodies on the market, so the master trick to finish elevating your style is adjusting those garments to your needs. This does not mean that you have to completely redo them, we are talking about fixing the length of a sleeve, the bottom of a pair of pants, or the fit of a shirt that is excessively loose.

Invest In You

When we talk about investing in ourselves, we do so at all levels.

On the one hand, the more conceptual or intangible, the 30s is a step towards maturity, but many will still consider that you are too young for certain matters, both professional and personal. Show them how wrong they are with a good cover letter: your image. It does not have to imply in any case losing your essence, but putting into practice all those criteria to elevate your look that we have talked about.



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