Catering secrets you never knew

Catering secrets you never knew

Catering in Dubai is not an easy job no matter what kind of event it is that they have to look after. Caterers do more than just serving food and beverages and making sure that it is presentable but they also have to buy ingredients, prepare it and make meals from scratch – or do they? Let’s take a look at some secrets which caterers have been hiding from us:

  • Caterers don’t make everything from scratch

As you must have been assuming that caterers work hard and make everything from scratch may not be the right assumption. They do work hard as they are responsible for serving a large number of audiences especially when they are responsible of party catering Dubai but they don’t make everything from scratch. They do use some store bought readymade sauces and other such things including kitchen hack which comes in handy.

  • They are well aware of temperatures

Temperature plays an important role when it comes to food. Every cook needs to make sure that whichever dish they are preparing for is in the right temperature. From travelling with ice and coolers to keep the desserts and beverages chilled to making sure that starters are served tempting hot they should be well aware of the temperature. Imagine what an extremely hot temperature would do to a pack of cheese left outside in sun.

  • Their calculations are on point

Have you ever been in such a situation where you have thought that you will be calling approx 50 guests and order t 50 starters but your caterer suggests you to increase the number of starters and they have been right? Well, if you have been then you must have realized by now that caterers have spectacular calculation through their experience as they know and are well aware of what and how you would need something.

  • They plan for disasters in advance

Even though disasters happen very rarely but they do and it is only best that they prepare in advance for it. Caterers are always ready with unexpected situations and know the alternative of many things. They know how to manage a batch of burnt biscuits or how to handle some troublesome guests very smartly and this all comes through experience. The right caterer will be able to manage it all.



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