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For many Pakistani households, staying cool becomes crucial as the sweltering summer months draw near. Evaporative coolers, sometimes referred to as air coolers, provide a cost-effective and low-energy way to combat heat. The Pakistani market for air coolers has experienced notable transformations due to technological improvements, offering a diverse variety of features and prices to cater to varying needs. We’ll go over the several varieties of air coolers that are available, how much they will cost in Pakistan in 2024, and advice on how to get the best one for your house in this extensive guide.

Air Coolers: Why Select One?
In addition, compared to conventional air conditioning units, air coolers are frequently more portable, simpler to install, and require less maintenance. Before going into the intricacies of Air cooler price in Pakistan 2024, it’s critical to comprehend the reasons behind the popularity of air coolers. Evaporative cooling is the basis for how air coolers work, in contrast to air conditioners, which use refrigerants and require more electricity. Warm air is drawn in and passed over water-saturated pads, which allow the air to cool before being blasted into the space. This procedure uses very little energy and is safe for the environment.

Factors Affecting Pakistan’s Air Cooler Prices in 2024
The cost of air coolers in Pakistan is determined by some factors. By being aware of these variables, you’ll be more equipped to choose an air cooler in 2024.

Name and Standing
Well-known manufacturers with a track record of excellence and dependability, such as Gree, Kenwood, and PEL, usually fetch premium costs. While less well-known or newer brands could be less expensive, their performance or durability might suffer.

Ability to Cool
Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the unit of measurement for an air cooler’s cooling capability. Greater capacity to cool larger areas is indicated by higher CFM ratings, which frequently translates to a higher price. The size of the room you want to cool should be taken into account when selecting an air cooler.

Capacity of Water Tanks
Larger water tanks allow air coolers to operate for longer periods before needing to be refilled, which makes them more expensive but also more handy. Typically, tanks have a capacity of 20 to more than 50 liters.

Extra Elements
Additional features of modern air coolers include variable speed settings, ice compartments, air purifiers, digital displays, and remote control operation. These extra features have the potential to raise the cost considerably.

Construction Quality and Substances
The cost and lifespan of the air cooler are influenced by the quality of the materials used to build the body, fan, and cooling pads. Superior materials guarantee enhanced functionality and longevity.

Efficiency in Energy Use
Energy-efficient models can save money over time by lowering electricity bills, even though they are frequently more expensive initially. Seek out models that have been certified as energy-efficient.

Price Range for Air Coolers in Pakistan by 2024
Here is a breakdown of anticipated air cooler pricing in Pakistan for 2024 based on market trends and product offerings:

Budget-Friendly Air Coolers
These are entry-level devices with few features that are good for home or small space use. Usually, prices fall between PKR 7,000 and PKR 15,000.

In-between Air Coolers
These versions provide higher cooling performance and larger tank capacities while maintaining a balance between features and pricing. The price range is between 15,000 and 30,000 PKR.

Exquisite Air Coolers
These high-end versions include excellent build quality, a large cooling capacity, and sophisticated features like remote control. Prices range from 30,000 to 60,000 or more Pakistani rupees.

Pakistan’s Top Air Cooler Brands for 2024
The following are a few of Pakistan’s leading air cooler brands that are renowned for their effectiveness and quality:


air coolers are known for being effective and long-lasting. They provide a large selection of models to suit various demands and price ranges.

Kenwood air coolers are well-liked for their cutting-edge functions and fashionable styles. They are renowned for their dependability and offer superior cooling performance.


PEL focuses on cost and energy efficiency while providing a range of air coolers. Their models are perfect for customers on a tight budget.

Super Asia
Super Asia air coolers are renowned for their powerful cooling capabilities and sturdy construction. They serve a variety of market niches and are extensively accessible.

In Pakistan, the brand Boss is well-known for its air coolers, which come in a variety of types that give good performance and reasonable prices.

Advice on Selecting the Appropriate Air Cooler
Selecting the best air cooler for your money requires taking into account a number of criteria. Here are some pointers to assist you in making a wise choice:

Determine Your Needs for Cooling
Ascertain the dimensions of the room that need cooling and select a model with a suitable CFM rating. Higher CFM coolers are needed in larger spaces.

Think about the Climate:

Hot, dry regions are ideal for air coolers. You may need to check for models with dehumidifying functions or think about alternate cooling solutions if you reside in a humid location.

Verify the Energy Efficiency
To reduce your electricity costs, choose energy-efficient models. Seek out certifications and energy ratings that imply reduced power usage.

Analyse Extra Features
Choose the extra features that are most important to you. Convenience and cooling efficiency can be improved with ice chambers, variable speed settings, and remote control.

Examine ratings and reviews.
Examine customer ratings and reviews on the internet to compare the dependability and performance of various models. This can offer insightful information on the benefits and drawbacks of every air cooler.

Examine Prices and Guarantees
Examine rates from several merchants and choose models with a strong warranty. A guarantee can shield your investment and provide you peace of mind.

In summary
Knowing the air cooler price in Pakistan as 2024 draws near is essential to making a wise buy. There is an air cooler available with a range of features and models to fit every demand and budget. Finding the ideal air cooler for your house may be accomplished by taking into account elements like energy efficiency, water tank size, cooling capacity, brand reputation, and extra features.

Purchasing a high-quality air cooler will save you money on energy bills over the long run in addition to guaranteeing a comfortable home throughout the sweltering summer. There is an air cooler that suits your needs, whether you’re looking for a high-end model with cutting-edge capabilities or a basic model for personal use.


1. What would be Pakistan’s average cost of an air cooler in 2024?
Depending on the brand, model, and features, an air cooler can cost anywhere between PKR 7,000 and PKR 60,000 on average in Pakistan.

2. Can humid climates be used with air coolers?
The best conditions for air coolers to work are hot and dry ones. Their effectiveness drops in humid environments and the intended cooling effect might not be achieved.

3. Do air coolers use less energy?
Indeed, air coolers use less energy overall than air conditioners. They are a reasonably priced cooling option because they use less electricity.

4. Is routine maintenance necessary for air coolers?
In comparison to air conditioners, air coolers require less upkeep. To guarantee optimum operation, clean the water tank, cooling pads, and fan regularly.

5. What other characteristics ought an air cooler to have?
Air purifiers, ice compartments, variable speed settings, digital displays, and remote control operation are all helpful features. These characteristics can improve cooling effectiveness and ease.

6. Which companies provide Pakistan’s top air coolers?
In the Pakistani market, leading brands like Gree, Kenwood, PEL, Super Asia, and Boss are renowned for their high-quality air coolers and dependable operation.

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